In the 8 years since we have opened our farm and cabins to guests, we have enjoyed every single comment
that filled the four guest books we have left in the cabins.  How we wish we could include each and every
one, along with the clever poetry, children's drawings, funny things, and especially the comments on how  
families shared the experience of our farm.  Beginning 2009, we will contact a few who left memorable notes
and include them below.

January 4, 2009  Farm Cabin
Once again, we have had a wonderful time at Briar Rose Farm.  What a great way to start the new year!  
Holli and Hannah thoroughly enjoyed the creek, the hot tub, and feeding the animals.  Thanks Tom, for the
four-wheeler ride!  Gary and I have spent most of our time marvelling at the cabin's clever construction and
creative decorations.  We hope to be back, maybe in the spring so the "kids" and enjoy the "kids."  I left $4
for the peach preserves. They were amazing!  Gary also got creative and made his own decoration to add to
the cabin- hope you like him. Thank you, thank you, thank you!  I hope you have a pleasant and prosperous
new year!

- Sincerely, Gary, Ashley, Holli & Hannah; Chapel Hill, NC
(The drawings that accompanied this note were precious with pictures of both of our dogs, hot tub and cabin.)

January 13, 2009
We had such a great weekend at the cabin on the farm. What a sweet place you have! Thank you for letting
us pet the animals and explore and for all the lettuce too. Katie sure is a doll. We look forward to coming up
- Bob and Sadie; Asheville, NC

January 4, 2009  Farm Cabin
Robin and I just wanted to send you a note to thank you for a great time, and a wonderful place to visit! We
thoroughly enjoyed every minute, and look forward to coming back soon. I've already told my daughter about
the farm, and they are thinking about coming up while the goats are kidding (or shortly after). Their children
are 3 and 7, so they will have a great time with visiting the farm and seeing all the animals.

We thoroughly enjoyed visiting with you Tuesday evening. We enjoyed getting to know you a little bit, and
both Robin and I look forward to coming back and getting to know you better. Staying in the farm cabin was
great fun for us, and although Tom says he's not a woodworker, I found the work on the cabin to be quite
good. Thanks to you, Judie, for encouraging Robin in her crocheting , and with the information you provided
to her. I enjoyed having a chance to talk with Tom about woodworking, sawmills, and much more.

You folks have done a great job with your place, and we appreciate you sharing it!
- Dan and Robin; Georgia

January 4, 2009  Knob Cabin
What a wonderful retreat from everyday reality.  We enjoyed starting off the new year on Briar Rose Farm.  
Pass along the warmest regards to Katie for leading us to the top of Duckett Top Fire Tower.  The
is perfect, we ate like kings, slept like rabbits, and enjoyed greetings from the family of black bears on
our porch (just kidding- we fortunately did not see any mean black bears).  We very much look forward to
spending these special moments again on the farm and all the hospitality that comes along with it!
- J and K; Charlotte, NC

March 1, 2009   Knob Cabin
Thank you for this secluded stay the  Knob Cabin.  We usually stay in Gatlinburg but were looking for a
change.   We're so glad we did.  It was so peaceful and relaxing here.   Thank you for the jelly , it was
delicious.   Looking forward to get the chance to come back soon.   Even though it rained all weekend and
snowed on the last day, we will never forget the memorable time here!  Thanks again.
K &K, Hickory, NC

March 6-8, 2009   Knob Cabin
Tom and Judie,  thank you for sharing your wonderful Knob Cabin with us.  We had an amazing view of the
mountains.  We did hike up to the fire tower and en;joyed the view!   Tom< the eggs ere great.  It was the
first time we have had fresh eggs (not from the store).   Judie, Thank you for showing us around the farm.  I
enjoyed getting the eggs from the "Dixie Chicks" and feeding the goats.   Now I know that cashmere comes
from goats, not from Macy's!
A & B, Simpsonville.

December 28-30, 2008  Sweet Briar
Tom and Judie
We were visiting from Mooreville, NC.  Not very far away but it felt like a world away.   We were married on
12/27/98 and this was our honeymoon suite!  What an awesome place you have here - it's truly God's
We hope to come back soon and bring the family.  the lettuce was really fabulous ... very much unlike what
one may find in a grocery store.  Thanks for all your hospitality and making us feel welcomed.   See you
E and V, Mooresville

January 2009   Sweet Briar
We are visiting from Asheville, not too far away but it feels like miles and miles from here.  What a relaxing
place this farm is!  We know theres lots of work to do on a farm so thank you, tom and Judie, for sharing;your
space with all of us who come here.   We found you on the internet.   We had a mix of weather while here:  
sun, cold, wind, rain snow, and a gorgeous full moon to accompany us by the hot tub.  We went on 2 hikes
and down to the farm.  We leave no suggestions for you.  Everything was perfect!  Thank you!
B and S, Asheville

February  Sweet Briar Cabin     thanks for the wonderful weekend.  We loved the hot tub and the mile hike
to see the cows was perfect!  
E and J, Landis, NC

February 2009  Sweet Briar Cabin
Tom and Judie,  I brought my fiance' up to relax and have some time away for his birthday.  We needed a
break from the stresses of everyday life, work, and our 7 beautiful kids.  While it was cold and windy outside,
you never would have know it inside.  The cabin is warm and cozy!  We loved the hot tub , hammock, and
swing which we curled up on under a blanket.      Thank you for the eggs and loaning us Katie  - she was a
job to have around while we walked and relaxed.   Your hospitality was welcoming and caring.   We had a
wonderful time and wish we didn't have to leave!  We look forward to coming back in May  (with the kids) to
see you new kids!  thanks for having us!
K and R, NC

October 2009  Knob Cabin
Dear Tom and Judie, Katie (our constant companion day and night)
What a wonderful place to be surrounded by orange, yellow, red and green mountains secluded from any
hint of civilization, yet knowing that 200 feet below are chickens, goats, dogs and two gracious hosts.
Thank you so much for the amazingly peaceful spot to relax and enjoy nature's beautiful spendor.  We've
enjoyed every moment;  Your kindness in allowing us to use your jeep (plus rides in the 4-wheeler) will long
be remembered.  And the view from the hot tub is spectacular for watching autumn's leaves drift over the
winding valley below.  :You truly live in a lovely corner of the world.  Thanks for letting us come and enjoy it
with you.  May you both continue to be blessed with good company and the best the mountains have to
offer!  Godspeed!
T and S, LA
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